The ultimate software for Sustainability Management and Sustainability Analysis

No matter your company size, Cerensa was designed for small and big companies that need to process huge amounts of data and have control over process operation in different locations.

What our platform offers


Process Automation

Cerensa connects to many sources of data such as SAP, Oracle and others. We replace all data sheets and manual data input control in your sustainability system

Deal with different Stakeholders

Cerensa provides a centralized data system and ensures report production in an easy and agile way. It can also generate custom reports to different stakeholders.


Flexible Plans

Our features are parameterizable and adaptable to your company’s structure and business model

Accurate and detailed Economic Analysis

Cerensa monitors all economic variables to allow customers to calculate costs, inputs and taxes in a very detailed way

Notifications System

Cerensa provides notifications for due dates, goals finished, data out of range and others
segurança da informacao

User Empowerment

Users can build their own reports with many data sources in easy and agile way

Environmental Intelligence and Socio-environmental Governance Integrated in a single platform

Cerensa offers a set of integrated tools for Environmental Intelligence and Socio-Environmental Governance that allow users to create KPIs and performance calculations on environmental impact

Cerensa® Sustainability KPIs

Allows both data calculation from different sources and building social environment KPIs – commonly adopted by sustainability studies and reports

  • Computation of data coming from many sources, keeping them centralized;
  • Building of different quantitative and qualitative KPIs;
  • Ensures quality of information;
  • Agility in providing reports using different sets of information, which allows them to be used by different stakeholders

Cerensa® Climate Change

Allows integrated management of greenhouse gas emission and inventory drawing using a different set of methodologies

  • Integrated management of greenhouse gas emission and inventory drawing using a different set of methodologies;
  • Inventory drawing using different methodologies;
  • Carbon footprint calculation;
  • Forecast and Goals for Climate Change reduction

Cerensa® Energy

Cerensa provides a strategic view about energy consumption in many forms and using different sources of data
  • Customizable to your business model and company structure;
  • Comprehensive view of the operation for monitoring the consumption curves;
  • Waste and Cost reduction;
  • Notifications to remind about deadlines and goals

Cerensa® Water and Efluents

Detailed water footprint view and allows finance evaluation of: water consumption, quality and volume

  • Management of suppliers, contracts, costs, authorizations and Licenses;
  • Emission of legal documents and reports requested by regulatory agencies;
  • Environmental compliance monitoring

Cerensa® Solid Waste

Solid Waste supply chain management and control, from generation till final disposition. Manages suppliers, contracts, costs, authorizations and Licenses
  • Customizable and adaptable to the Business Model;
  • Broad view of the operation to monitor the consumption curves;
  • Reduction of waste and costs;
  • Notifications to inform about deadlines and goals

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Cerensa® Clean

For companies in the early stages of implementing Environmental Governance

Cerensa® Corporate

For companies that have complex operations and are looking for structured solutions to deal with high levels of governance

Cerensa® Value Chain

For companies that need to ensure the compliance of subsidiaries and networks of suppliers or distributors

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